Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order small quantities of cottonseeds from you?
Yes, our cotton seed packets start from 10 seeds and have up to 100 seeds in a packet. You can even order 1 seed packet if you like. There is no minimum.

Is delivery free?
Yes, delivery is free on most but not all products we offer. Delivery is free on seed packets, cotton bolls, and spinning wheels, wherever mentioned on the website.

Are the cotton seeds genetically modified (GMO)?
Our seeds are guaranteed non-GMO and are not genetically modified.

What is the best time to grow Cotton?
Cotton is ideally grown in February to April in UK and Europe. Where it is very cold to start at that time, cotton plants can be started indoors in pots and later transferred to the garden or a larger pot when temperatures are above 15 degrees Celsius. You can grow cotton successfully in a greenhouse or hothouse, you can grow cotton all year round. Detailed instructions on growing cotton are available with seed packets.

Do you have a physical shop or a store?
We are an internet based company and do not have a store in UK.  Some items will be shipped from outside the United Kingdom.

What is the best way to contact CottonAcres?
Use our contact form on the website or send SMS Text at +44 7537 996982