Cotton Education Kit

Cotton is an important fibre that literally touches us in our everyday life! The jeans and shirts that we wear is made out of cotton. Cotton is fun to learn about and to teach kids about this wonderful plant. Children find it interesting to learn what cotton is plant looks, how is cotton is made into thread and then into cloth.

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Cotton Education Kit TM 

This Cotton Education Kit is specially designed for teachers, educators, students and anyone interested in learning about Cotton.


Education Kit Cotton

The Cotton Education Kit contains the following:
*Cotton Seed Packet with growing instructions
*Cotton Boll with stalk plucked right from the farm
*Cottonseed separated from raw cotton
*Cotton Lint obtained after removal of seeds
*Cotton Bale that is compressed cotton sent to mills
*Cotton Sliver the stage before the yarn
*Cotton Yarn  is a long spun of cotton strand used to make cloth
*Cloth is the final product from cotton
*Field to Fabric brochure with Lesson Plan Ideas

This education kit can be a great educational resource for students of all ages for school projects and classroom learning.

UK History curriculum – History, importance and uses of Cotton. Discovery of the ‘Flying Shuttle’,  ‘Spinning Jenny’ and ‘Water Frame’ in England. Factory Act and Child labour in the cotton industry.

World History curriculum – Cotton industry during the Industrial Revolution.

Geography curriculum – Fibre production and uses in different regions of the world.

Science curriculum -Life cycle of cotton and its different plant parts and their uses.

Environment & Ecology curriculum – Impact of Cotton Industry on our environment

Business and Economics curriculum – The Cotton Industry in UK and around the world.

Fibre, Textile and Fashion curriculum – Processing of Cotton from Farm to Fabric. United Kingdom’s significance in Cotton industry.

Agriculture Curriculum – Cotton Production around the world and Cotton Factories in Britain.