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Cotton Seed Packets


CottCotton Seed Packetson products for teachers, homeschoolers, gardeners, researchers and spinners.

Grow Cotton from cotton seeds. Order cotton seeds & cotton bolls online. Delivery within United Kingdom (UK) is 7 days and Europe is 10-12 days . Payments by major credit cards accepted- Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa/Electron, AmEx, Switch/Maestro & Solo. Paypal is accepted. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

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Cotton seeds and bolls make great wedding anniversary traditional gifts.

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Cotton Seeds for Brown, Green and White cotton. Cotton bolls also available.
All cotton seeds from CottonAcres are non-GMO, non-transgenic and not genetically modified (non-GMO).

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Cotton Plants

Rajhans 1
White cotton large bolls. Flowering in 45 to 60 days, yellow turning into pink. Maturity in 145-155 days, yields 1800 g cotton lint from 25 seeds.




Cotton Anniversary Gifts WeddingBuranda 1
White cotton, 4.5-5 g large bolls, Flowers in 45-60 days, yellow turning into pink. Maturity/Yield: 145-150 days (1.8 kg cotton lint from 25 seeds).




Raw CottonMRC 270
White cotton, 4 to 5 ft tall plant. Creamy-yellow flower in 45 days. Fibre 27-28 mm; 36-37% Gin out-turn; Micron 3.7 to 4.8. Yields 3.6 kg cotton lint from 50 seeds.



Cotton HistoryMRC 5156
Large white cotton bolls, 4-5 ft tall plant. Creamy yellow flowers in 45 days. Matures in 145-150 days. Yields 3.6 kg cotton lint from 50 seeds.






Natural FibreMSB Brown – {Brown Coloured Cotton}
Brown coloured cotton, 3 to 5 ft plant. Grows in well-drained soil. Creamy yellow flower in 45 to 60 days which turn pink later. Maturity in 140-150 days (450 g brown cotton lint from 10 seeds)






Brown Cotton Plant

Brown King {Brown Colour Cotton}:
Brown coloured cotton, 3-5 ft tall plant, well drained soil. Solitary yellow flowers in 45 days, Maturity in 140-150 days (450 g cotton lint from 10 seeds)




MSB Green {Green Colour Cotton}
Green colour cotton, Yellow flowers in 45 days which later turn beautiful pink. Fibre: 28-30 mm; 34-36% Gin out-turn; Yields 450 g cotton lint from 10 seeds.



Natural Green Fibre

GreenCot {Green Colour Cotton}
Green Coloured cotton, 4-5 ft tall plant. Yellow beautiful flowers in 45 days, Fibre: 28-30 mm; Matures in 140-150 days. Yields 450g green cotton lint from 10 seeds.



Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Fine  {Long staple}
White Long Staple Cotton, 5 ft tall, Flowers in 45 to 60 days, yellow turning into pink. Fibre: 32-34 mm; Micron 4.1 to 4.8. Yields 450g cotton lint from 10 seeds




Pima CottonPima Extra Long  {Long  staple}
Cotton: White Long Staple, 4 to 6 g boll size. Habit: 4 to 5 ft tall. Flower: 45 to 60 days, Creamy-yellow turning into pink. Fibre: 32-34 mm; 36-38% Gin out-turn; Micron 4.1 to 4.8. Maturity/Yield: 135-145 days (450 g cotton lint from 10 seeds).





red cottonRed Beauty Cotton- {Ornamental}
White Cotton Bolls, Boll size 4-6 gram. Dark Red Foliage, Ornamental Cotton Plant. Provides great contrast in garden. Wonderful container plant. Flowers in 45-60 days, Beautiful Pink Flowers. Maturity in 130-140 days. Yields 1 lb cotton lint from 10 seeds.




Black Leaved CottonBlack Cotton- {Ornamental}
Black-Leaved, Ornamental with large white cotton bolls. Unique black cotton plant brings colour and contrast to garden. Pink flowers in 60 days which turn dark red. Also called nigra Cotton, it is great for containers, beds and borders.