Cotton Education Kit


This Cotton Education Kit is specially designed for teachers, educators, students and anyone interested in learning about Cotton. £19.99 with free delivery within United Kingdom for a limited time.

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The Cotton Education Kit contains the following:
*Cotton Seed Packet with growing instructions
*Cotton Boll with stalk plucked right from the farm
*Cottonseed separated from raw cotton
*Cotton Lint obtained after removal of seeds
*Cotton Bale that is compressed cotton sent to mills
*Cotton Sliver the stage before the yarn
*Cotton Yarn  is a long spun of cotton strand used to make cloth
*Cloth is the final product from cotton
*Field to Fabric brochure with Lesson Plan Ideas
  £19.99 each. Free delivery within United Kingdom

UK History curriculum – History, importance and uses of Cotton. Discovery of the ‘Flying Shuttle’,  ‘Spinning Jenny’ and ‘Water Frame’ in England. Factory Act and Child labour in the cotton industry.

World History curriculum – Cotton industry during the Industrial Revolution.

Geography curriculum – Fibre production and uses in different regions of the world.

Science curriculum -Life cycle of cotton and its different plant parts and their uses.

Environment & Ecology curriculum – Impact of Cotton Industry on our environment

Business and Economics curriculum – The Cotton Industry in UK and around the world.

Fibre, Textile and Fashion curriculum – Processing of Cotton from Farm to Fabric. United Kingdom’s significance in Cotton industry.

Agriculture Curriculum – Cotton Production around the world and Cotton Factories in Britain.

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